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>>> Jan Machulski Awards

directed by Sara Szymańska
6 min | Szkoła Filmowa w Łodzi | Poland 2021


Twin sisters Mela and Zenia go to the lake to spend a lazy summer afternoon together. Their bond is so close that it is not clear where one’s life ends and the other’s begins… Their unfulfilled expectations of each other result in a world in which any attempt to set boundaries and separate their entangled identities is doomed to failure.

Nominations to the Jan Machulski Awards:

Sara Szymańska

Born in 1996. As a self-taught artist, she has always seen the pen as a tool that allows her to decompose the world into the factors that are most important to her: care, tenderness, the need for freedom, independence. Her love of sensitive observation leads her to explore all visual arts, including photography, from which she draws most of her inspiration. She is a student of Animated Film and Special Effects at the Łódź Film School.