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Grand Prix of the 22nd CINEMAFORUM for “Fairplay”! ”Przepustka” with the Jan Machulski Award for Best Film

The final gala of the 22nd edition of CINEMAFORUM is already over. The Grand Prix in the Main Competition went to Zoel Aeschbacher for his French-Swiss film “Fairplay”. The winner …

Main Competition Jury of 22. CINEMAFORUM

The films presented in the Main Competition of the 22nd CINEMAFORUM will be assessed by Anna Jadowska, Kaja Krawczuk-Wnuk, Maria Sobocińska, and, in accordance with tradition, Janusz Zaorski as the …

32 films nominated for 19th edition of Jan Machulski Awards

This year’s group of nominees for the Jan Machulski Awards consists of the authors of 32 films. The names of the winners will be announced on November 26 during the …