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directed by Wendi Tang
16 min | Wendi Tang, Elliot Gong | China, USA 2022


In late September 2008, Xiaomin, class president in her elementary school graduating class, is reported by her classmates to have been seen consorting with street hooligans outside the school.

Wendi Tang

Chinese writer/director and producer based in Los Angeles. Her work focuses on character-driven stories that explore various corners of female narratives. Her short films have been selected by numerous film festivals worldwide and won several Best Short Film and Best Director awards. She is a 2022 NYC Women’s Fund recipient and a Sundance Uprise Grant Fund Finalist. Most recently, her upcoming short film, Fishtank, is the winning recipient of the full production fund at the 8th Tribeca Chanel Through Her Lens program. Wendi is also a 2022 BAFTA Newcomers Program fellow.