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Looking at this year’s programme of the CINEMAFORUM I think about two writers, who had died hundreds of years before the development of the cinema. The main character of one of the first one’s dramas said: “I could be bounded in a nut shell and count myself a king of infinite space”. In the programme there are films which, regardless their short format, create suggestive, gripping, memorable and complete film universes, real infinite spaces closed in a short form like in a nut shell.

Then, in a drama of the second writer we read that “for all life is a dream, and dreams themselves are only dreams!”. The main theme of this year’s edition of the CINEMAFORUM is Short Dreams. The festival films, as though they were good dreams, bring rest, relaxation and distraction from everyday routine. Moreover, they are, likewise the dreams, volatile; although the majority of the films are the best titles of the current season, due to the rules of short films distribution it will be impossible to watch them anywhere beyond the festival.

During the CINEMAFORUM international main competition, we are about to present 27 films from 21 countries, of which the majority will have their Polish premiere during the festival. Among them, we will find the best short movies from the whole world, the titles presented and awarded on the leading foreign events (including Cannes, Berlin, Venice, Toronto, Sundance, Annecy, Clermont-Ferrand, and Oberhausen), and the festival days in the Kinoteka Cinema will offer a unique chance of watching them in Warsaw.

This year, we have also planned a separate special section named “Pure Pictures”. It includes original and individual films in intriguing forms, narrated mainly by pictures and rarely, if at all, using dialogues. The films prove how much we can tell in a short film only with involving pictures and sounds, and how intriguing film universes we can create.

In the programme, there are also industry workshops and lectures of the INTERFILMLAB series. The festival’s special guest will be a British producer Mia Bays, who will conduct workshops concerning micro-budget film financing. As always, a showing of films nominated for Polish Independent Film Awards will take place, and two unique pics prepared by the VHS Hell group will be shown, as a windfall for lovers of film craziness resembling the golden age of videotape rental shops.

You are welcome on November short dreams in the Kinoteka Cinema and Jack’s Cinema on Bracka street, we encourage you to relish the worlds closed in a “nut shell” and to join us in film-dreaming. What else is left, if life is a dream?

PhD Marcin Adamczak
director of the CINEMAFORUM