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Alex Klaus: „MADAM BLACK”


Funny postcards establish relations

Madam Black, a movie which was produced by the director Ivan Barge and tells the tale of a photographer who runs over a child’s pet and fabricates an elaborate serious of lies to explain its whereabouts. In my point of view this dramatic comedy, fulfill and comply from the first scene or sequence the cliche of a Dramedy. It is about a man who doesn’t seem to be satisfied and happy with his job. A negative accident also happens with him where he kills a cat while driving in his car back from an appointment he had with a fat lady. On top of that he has to lie to a child, which as we learned from our parents and the old testament is a bad behavior. But all this negative things create a completely new situation which enriches his life with beautiful things and feelings in so many different ways. The main sociocritic issue in that film seems to be an ancient discussion about such a phenomena as an emergency or white lie. This is a genius approach to talk about a serious issue in a funny manner. To summarize the story of this movie without telling any spoilers, it would be enough to mention the main character who acts like a man with the following motto : You must not telling lies but if you do so make it professional. The film is driven by the idea about the serious and dangerous impact of telling the truth, that can have on children and their vulnerable personality. It also shows the importance of taking responsibility about the decisions and actions yourself already made. Despite many different challenges the character has to cope with, after all he proves his moral and good intentions. The short film teaches us about the ability to take a look at a particular situations from a different perspective. The man succeeded with that attitude and as we see in the movie, this attitude can be a changing aspect in the live. The Mother plays an important role in that movie as well. She did observe this strange guy in his car on the parking lot of her house but doesn’t interrupt or stop the relationship between the cat killer and her child. Relationship appears as another crucial issue in that short film. Besides all that, there are a lot of scenes silly but hilarious. Those sequences show problems which challenge the killer in his life but keep the viewer amused. To subsume the review I did decide to offer you a provocative phrase that hopefully will stimulate deeper thoughts in your brain: „The death is only the beginning“. The final sequence, where the main character make the child a present could be understand as metaphor for a new beginning and probably a happy ending. At the very end of my review I decided to give some cultural references and background information which might be interesting for those who read or listen to this review. „According to Dora Diamant, who was the lover of author Franz Kafka, she and Kafka met a little girl in a park who was crying because she had lost her doll. Kafka told her not to worry since the doll was away on a trip and would be sending correspondence“. This short film gave me a lot of pleasure while the interpretation so I give this movie the best grade (6 of 6). I hope that my followers on the Internet will agree with me.

author: Alex Klaus