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Alex Klaus: „IMPORT”


Adaptation can be a nightmare which doesn’t stop by waking up.

The short film Import is about a family that moved from Bosnia to Netherlands and try to integrate themselves in the foreign society. The stories of the father, two kids and the mother has been told separately from one another. That gives us the opportunity to feel more close to the characters and to get an insightful view on the particular situation of each character. It is obvious that the camera set up and the unusual way of filming has been used to show the uncomfortable, disturbing live of the family. Talking about the low level acting skills of the characters which has been consciously used as a technic by the director to less distract the viewer form the real issue of that movie. From the beginning till the end music has been used to support the narrative in a particular manner. It is childish and primitive. The surrounding sounds were pushed to a higher volume which gives a clear feeling and impression about the annoying every day life of the characters. The movie doesn’t make fun at all which is very good. It has been the intention of the director not just to show us the difficulties and challenging circumstances about moving to a completely different country but even more, to let us feel all the sadness and vulnerability the same way as the characters do. He did succeed with that.

author: Alex Klaus