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We know the winners of CINEMAFORUM – the 19th International Forum of Short Films

The French film “Memorable”, directed by Bruno Collet, won the Grand Prix of the CINEMAFORUM Main Competition – the 19th International Forum of Short Films. We also got to know the winners of the sixteenth edition of the Jan Machulski, as well as the winners of the fourth edition of the Mazovian Scenario Competition SCRIPT WARS.


The Jury of the Main Competition composed of: Janusz Zaorski (chairman), Zofia Domalik, Bartosz Kruhlik, Anna Limbach-Uryn and Mateusz Pacewicz decided to award the Grand Prix to the film “Memorable” directed by Bruno Collet for a touching image of the disintegration of reality, presented in a precise and coherent form painting. The GRAND PRIX award was financed by the Capital City of Warsaw.

Jury members also awarded two distinctions. The first went to the Egyptian-French-Belgian-Qatari co-production, entitled “I am afraid to forget your face” (dir. Sameh Alaa) for a story about love and death, sparing in its form, which could only have happened in the Islamic culture. And for the fact that less is more in the cinema. The second award went to the German-Palestinian film “Maradonna’s Legs” by Firas Khoury for a witty story about the power of childhood dreams contrasted with the oppression of reality.


Chapter of Awards Jan Machulski, meeting in 2020, composed of: Barbara Białowąs, Emi Buchwald, Łukasz Jasina, Marta Prus, Krzysztof Szuster and Arkadiusz Tomiak, awarded the Jan Machulski Award in nine categories. These prestigious awards for short film makers were presented for the sixteenth time.


The winners of the 16th edition of the Jan Machulski were:

– in the “Best Film” category: Dmytro Sukholytkyy-Sobchuk for directing and Jerzy Kapuściński and Ewa Jastrzębska for producing the film “Sztangista / Weightlifter“;

The film director’s award was financed by the Polish Film Institute.

The award for film producers was funded by the FILMFORUM Association.


– in the “Best Director” category: Piotr Dylewski for the film “Zgniłe uszy / Rotten Ears“,

The financial award is funded by the Polish Filmmakers Association.


– in the “Best Screenplay” category: Jan Bujnowski for the film “Krzyżówka“, dir. Jan Bujnowski,

The founder of the financial award is the FILMFORUM Association.


– in the “Best Cinematography” category: Michał Rytel-Przełomiec for the film “Sztangista / Weightlifter“, dir. Dmytro Sukholytkyy-Sobchuk,

The award is funded by PANAVISION POLSKA in cooperation with the PSC Society of Cinematographers.


– in the “Best Editing” category: Bartłomiej Piasek and Piotr Wójcik for the film “Jazda obowiązkowa / Obligatory Driving“, dir. Ewa Kochańska,

The financial award is funded by the Polish Association of Editors PSM.


– in the “Best Actress” category: Rozalia Mierzicka for the film “Moje serce / My Heart“, dir. Damian Kocur,

The financial award is funded by the Association of Polish Stage Artists ZASP.


– in the “Best Actor” category: Dobromir Dymecki for the film “Users“, dir. Jakub Piątek,

The founder of the financial award is the ZAiKS Authors’ Association.


– in the “Best Documentary” category: “Miłość bezwarunkowa / Unconditional Love“, dir. Rafał Łysak,

The financial award is funded by the Polish Filmmakers Association.


– in the “Best Animated Film” category: “Acid Rain“, dir. Tomasz Popakul.

The founder of the financial award is PLATIGE IMAGE.



During the closing ceremony of CINEMAFORUM, the winners of the 4th edition of the Mazowiecki Scenario Competition SCRIPT WARS were also announced. The jury consisting of: Ewa Puszczyńska, Natalia Koryncka-Gruz, Robert Bolesto, Magdalena Ulejczyk, Anna Spisz and Ada Bogdziewicz-Spanevello in recognition of the high level of this year’s competition, apart from the regular prizes, decided to award two Honors.


Winners of the 4th edition of SCRIPT WARS:

– Main Prize (PLN 15,000): Rafał Siadkowski and Michał Arabudzki (“Prankster!“),

– Second Prize (PLN 10,000): Rafał Lipski (“Wyzwolenie / Liberation“),

– Third Prize (PLN 5,000): Bartosz Janiszewski and Michał Szcześniak (“Grzesiuk, król życia / Grzesiuk, the king of life“),

– Distinction (PLN 2,500): Agnieszka Dąbrowska (“Szukaj / Search“),

– Distinction (PLN 2,500): Jarek Sztandera (“Smak życia / The Taste of Life“).


The organizer of the SCRIPT WARS competition is the Mazowiecki Instytut Kultury, the operator of the Mazowiecki and Warsaw Film Funds and the Mazovia Warsaw Film Commission. The competition is financed by the Mazowieckie Voivodeship Self-Government, the City of Warsaw and the Mazowieckie Institute of Culture. CINEMAFORUM is the partner of the event.


This year’s edition of CINEMAFORUM was held online on the platform on November 4-8.

The festival is organized by the FILMFORUM Association.

The project was co-financed by the Minister of Culture and National Heritage from the Fund for the Promotion of Culture and by the City of Warsaw. The festival is co-financed by the Polish Film Institute.

The event’s program partners are: Goethe-Institut in Warsaw, British Council, Film Culture Center of Andrzej Wajda, Mazovia Warsaw Film Commission, Mazowiecki Institute of Culture, New Zealand Film Commission and Warsaw Film School.

Industry partners of the Jan Machulski are: Polish Filmmakers Association, ZAIKS Authors’ Association, the Association of Polish Stage Artists ZASP, the Polish Society of Cinematographers, the Polish Association of PSM Editors, Platige Image and Panavision Poland.

The program of industry events as part of the “INTERFILMLAB 4.0” series was co-financed by the Minister of Culture and National Heritage from the Culture Promotion Fund. The organizers of the project are: KOSMOPOLIS Institute Foundation for Science Culture and Education in cooperation with the Enterprise Europe Network Center at Łukasiewicz – IMBiGS and the Film Culture Center of Andrzej Wajda.