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We know 22 films that will compete for the Grand Prix in the CINEMAFORUM competition. 19th International Forum of Short Films. This year’s CINEMAFORUM will be held online on the platform on November 4-8.

Short-distance running requires not only dynamics and agility, but also efficient use of energy and resources that are not given for long. The authors of the competition films have mastered this art to perfection – emphasizes Błażej Hrapkowicz, Director of CINEMAFORUM.

The 22 short films will include films from the remotest corners of the world as well as promising Polish productions made by young filmmakers.

A teenager in Iran, a desperate father in North Macedonia, little football collectors in Palestine, a nun in Poland, a young gymnast in Belgium – they all function in seemingly hermetic worlds that are well known to us. We observe patriarchal oppression and official inertia, we see sport that becomes a springboard for dreams or a torment of the body, we follow the institutional entanglement of faith. Our competition films are dramas, (black) comedies, horror films. I think that everyone will find something for themselves at CINEMAFORUM – adds Hrapkowicz.

It is worth noting that access to films will be free, after prior registration on the platform and obtaining a digital ticket.

List of qualified films:

DA YIE, dir. Anthony Nti, prod. Caviar Films, RITCS, Rondini, Ghana / Belgium 2019, 20′

HENET WARD, dir. Morad Mostafa, prod. Salaud Morisset, Egypt 2020, 24′

STICKER, dir. Georgi Unkovski, prod. Salaud Morisset, North Macedonia 2019, 18′

EXAM, dir. Sonia K. Hadad, prod. Three Gardens Film, Iran 2019, 15′

EN ROUTE, dir. Marit Weerheijm, prod. Room for Film, Netherlands 2019, 10′

THE DEVIL’S HARMONY, dir. Dylan Holmes Williams, prod. Tatata Studios, Toma Productions, UK Great Britain 2019, 14′

MISS CHAZELLES, dir. Thomas Vernay, prod. Cumulus, France 2019, 21′

MASSACRE, dir. Maite Sonnet, prod. Quartett Production, France 2019, 26′

MARADONA’S LEGS, dir. Firas Khoury, prod. Lights On, Schaf Oder Scharf Film, Germany / Palestine 2019, 23′

ALL INCLUSIVE, dir. Teemu Nikki, prod. It’s Alive Films, Finland 2019, 15’

SH_T HAPPENS, dir. David Stumpf, Michaela Mihalyi, prod. BFilm, Slovakia / France / Czech Republic 2019, 13′

MEMORABLE, dir. Bruno Collet, prod. Vivement Lundi!, France 2019, 12′

INDEX, dir. Nicolas Kolovos, prod. Kakadua Filmproduktion, Greece / Sweden 2019, 11′

CROSSWORD, dir. Jan Bujnowski, prod. Film School in Łódź, Poland 2019, 15′

STONE, dir. Bartosz Kozera, prod. No Drama Production, Munk Studio, Poland 2020, 26′

YOUR OWN TRIP, dir. Daria Kopiec, prod. by Likaon, Munk Studio, Poland 2020, 5′

SOMETHING TO REMEMBER, dir. Niki Lindroth von Bahr, prod. Malade AB, Sweden 2019, 5′

THE DOE, dir. Jennifer Lumbroso, prod. Wombat Films, France 2020, 18′

SUBJECT, dir. Taemin Ha, prod. Funnycon, South Korea 2019, 15′

PLAY SCHENGEN, dir. Gunhild Enger, prod. 4 ½, Norway 2020, 15’

I AM AFRAID TO FORGET YOUR FACE, dir. Sameh Alaa, prod. Fig Leaf Studio, Les Cicognes Films, Egypt / France / Belgium / Qatar 2020, 15′

STEPHANIE, dir. Leonardo van Dijl, prod. De Wereldvrede, Belgium 2020, 15′


The festival is organized by the FILMFORUM Association.

The project was co-financed by the Minister of Culture and National Heritage from the Fund for the Promotion of Culture and by the City of Warsaw. The festival is co-financed by the Polish Film Institute.

The event’s program partners are: Goethe-Institut in Warsaw, British Council, Film Culture Center of Andrzej Wajda, Mazovia Warsaw Film Commission, Mazowiecki Institute of Culture, New Zealand Film Commission and Warsaw Film School.

Industry partners of the Jan Machulski are: Polish Filmmakers Association, ZAIKS Authors’ Association, the Association of Polish Stage Artists ZASP, the Polish Society of Cinematographers, the Polish Association of PSM Editors, Platige Image and Panavision Poland.

The program of industry events as part of the “INTERFILMLAB 4.0” series was co-financed by the Minister of Culture and National Heritage from the Culture Promotion Fund. The organizers of the project are: KOSMOPOLIS Institute Foundation for Science Culture and Education in cooperation with the Enterprise Europe Network Center at Łukasiewicz – IMBiGS and the Film Culture Center of Andrzej Wajda.