A demanding yet delightful tour de fource through three years of Viennale shorts – garnished with the festival’s trailers 2017-2019. Austrian shorts are not necessarily a focus of the festival’s program. However, for this special occasion, the short works from Austria of the past three Viennale editions have been reviewed to feature in the retrospective co-organized with Austrian Cultural Forum. Quite importantly, one of the key aspects of Austrian short filmmaking can be described as a certain experimental appetite, which involves questioning the cinematic strategies that are engaged at every stage of the filmmaking process. So please beware of the Austrian stuff, what we chose is more or less narrative or fictional, but always with a bit of a twist into somewhat shaky, experimental grounds.

SUNDAY (10 November 2019) 14.30

KINOTEKA cinema (pl. Defilad 1)

Viennale-Trailer 2019: AI
dir. Lucrecia Martel, Argentina / Austria 2019, 1 min

Artificial intelligence reloaded, seeing is not believing.

dir. Dan Sallitt, USA 2019, 17 min

A very casual dinner among friends turns into a rather demanding confrontation with the guests’ own sexual preferences.

Viennale-Trailer 2018: The Boy Who Chose the Earth
dir. Lav Diaz, Philippines / Austria 2018, 2 min

What would you really do if aliens came knocking at your door?

dir. Nikki Schuster, Austria / Germany / Mexico 2018, 7 min

There is great beauty in our natural surroundings, let’s try and rebuild them in film.

Le Discours d’acceptation glorieux de Nicolas Chauvin
dir. Benjamin Crotty, Judith Lou Lévy, France 2018, 26 min

Marlon Brando meets Klaus Kinsky who meets some totally outspaced queer French guy.

Light Matter
dir. Virgil Widrich, Austria 2018, 5 min

This is the ultimate flicker film. But it’s not a film, it’s a digital file.

Water and Clearing
dir. Siegfried A. Fruhauf, Austria 2018, 6 min

Moving perception, moving landscape, we need to discuss, what we see and what we believe.

Viennale-Trailer 2017
dir. Abel Ferrara, Italy / Austria 2017, 1 min

The previous Viennale Director passed away in 2017, this is an homage to him.

dir. Gerhard Treml, Leo Calice, Austria 2017, 8 min

It is a prison story or rather a story that needs the prison yard as its backdrop?

The Dust Channel
dir. Roee Rosen, Israel 2016, 23 min

The most outrageous short you have seen in your life. Don’t miss it!