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Retrospective of the KONRAD WOLF Film University Babelsberg, Potsdam

Film University Babelsberg KONRAD WOLF follows an interdisciplinary approach to the artistic, technological, and academic teaching and research on the universal subject of film. Established as Deutsche Hochschule für Filmkunst and known as Hochschule für Film und Fernsehen “Konrad Wolf” (HFF), Film University Babelsberg KONRAD WOLF ranks among the country’s largest and most modern film schools and, in July 2014, became the first German film school to achieve university status. With its unique educational concept that focuses on both craftsmanship and teamwork, its successful artistic productions, and its innovative research projects, the film university plays a decisive role in shaping the future of moving images. Moreover, the continuing education programs and events of Brandenburg’s only art school allow for the discussion of cultural, social, and political issues.

>>> WEDNESDAY | 8.11.2017 | 17:00 – 18:40


dir.: Michael Fetter Nathansky
30’ / 2017

An uneasy emptiness is overshadowing tile-layer Gabi’s life. Her husband cheats, but she does not even mind. Her sister is pregnant and stressed out. Instead of recognising Gabi’s conundrum she increasingly shifts responsibilities on to Gabi. Ultimately, Gabi even has to take in her senile dad after a damage has made his retirement home uninhabitable.


dir.: Sabine Ehrl
10’ / 2016

A look behind the walls of a Bavarian monastery, the short documentary “Day After Day” finds small human moments amidst the daily grind of a group of elderly women who completely dedicated their lives to religion.


dir.: Anne Isensee
5’ / 2017

Lenina and her mother could spend a homy dinner together, if only each of them was not escaping into her faraway worlds.


dir.: Sophie Linnenbaum
19’ / 2016

Out of mere loneliness, Paul ends up falling out of his frame. Struggling to be seen again, he gets to meet The Outtakes – a support group for people with film defects.


dir.: Simon Ostermann
20’ / 2016

The Islamic Republic of Iran is divided – in red and blue, winners and losers, men and women. It’s derby time in Tehran. 100,000 men are praying for redemption. Are we just talking football here?


dir.: Nicole Aebersold
7’ / 2017

There is something in the air.
It spreads.



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