of the International Short Films Competition


I. Date and place:


CINEMAFORUM – 19. International Short Film Festival (hereinafter called the Festival) will be held between 4th – 8th November 2020 in the KINOTEKA Cinema (Plac Defilad 1, 00-901 Warsaw, Poland), the Warsaw Film School (ul. Gen. Zajaczka 7, 01-518 Warsaw, Poland) and in Pracownia A35 (ul. gen. Andersa 35, 00-159 Warsaw, Poland).

II. The mission of the Festival:


The objective of the Festival is to:
1. support the development of filmmaking;
2. educate youth and adults by art – especially youth with the fewer opportunities;
3. present film achievements of makers of the short films from all over the world;
4. popularize the film education as a method of culture dissemination among the youth;
5. popularize valuable film art;
6. promote and award films with special artistic value;
7. promote Warsaw by initiating innovative cultural and artistic activities.

III. Organizers of the Festival:


All financial copyrights to the formula and artistic concept of the Festival (full name: CINEMAFORUM – 19. International Short Film Festival) are reserved to the FILMFORUM Association hereinafter called the Organiser.


To oversee the substantive and organizational work related to realization of the Festival, the Organiser appoints the Organizing Committee consisting of persons and institutions invited by the Organiser which make important contribution to preparation and realization of the Festival.


The Festival Director is in charge of all things related to preparation and course of the Festival and has a casting vote of a disputable issues, not included in the Rules and Regulations or requiring an additional interpretations.


The Organiser invites to co-organising of the Festival a governmental, social and private organisations which intend to provide the organisational, substantive, material or financial support for the Festival.

IV. Formula of the Festival:


The programme of the Festival consists of:
1. film competitions – among the others International Short Films Competition, hereinafter called “Competition”;
2. film workshops and trainings;
3. meetings of filmmakers with the audience;
4. free film screenings;
5. supporting and special events.


1. Due to the epidemic in 2020 in the territory of Poland, the Organizer’s intention is to provide the Festival’s recipients with the possibility of safe participation in all scheduled program events, including, for example, making part of the programming offer available via Internet broadcasts.
2. The Organizer stresses that the Festival may be subject to program and organizational modifications related to the need to comply with the sanitary regime and the guidelines of state and local administration regarding epidemiological safety.

V. The rules for the film submissions to the Competition:


1. The Rules of participation in the Competition are defined exclusively in these Regulations. All promotional materials are used only as an information.
2. The film submission to the Competition means unconditional agreement for these Regulations.


1. In the Competition may participate all feature films (including animations) belonging to all kinds
of film categories. The subject of the film is optional.
2. Films not admitted to the Competition are ones:
a) produced before 1st of January 2019;
b) taking part in the previous editions of the Festival;
c) realized in co-working with the members of the Qualifying Committee, the Jury of the Competition or representatives of the organisers.
3. The screening time of films submitted to the Competition should not exceed 40 minutes.


1. The films may be submitted to participate in the Competition by the legal or natural persons (hereinafter called the Applicant) that have full capacity to enter into legal transactions and right to dispose of the submitted film at the day of joining the Competition. In the Competition may also participate groups of persons, submitting film as the collective Applicant. In that case they will be treated as co-authors of the submitted film.
2. Each Applicant may deliver unlimited number of the films.
3. The film submission is free of charge. The postal charges of sending the application form are covered by the Applicant.


A formal condition for submitting a film to the Competition is:
1. publishing the film on-line, in the Internet service VIMEO (access to film shall be secured by
a password) or in other service presenting video materials and putting a link to the film (with the password) in a correct place in the ENTRY FORM.
2. delivering to the Organiser completed ENTRY FORM (at the pre-selection stage, it is enough to submit the ENTRY FORM electronically) until 12th October 2020.


A formal condition for submitting a film to the Competition is:
1. ENTRY FORM, available on the website should be carefully filled by the Applicant:


2. After completing and submitting the ENTRY FORM on the website, the browser window will display
a completed PDF form that can be saved into computer hard drive. The generated PDF will also be delivered to the email address given in the ENTRY FORM.
3. The Applicant for the electronic version of the ENTRY FORM should attach:
a) frame illustrating the submitted film (minimum size: 1920×1080 px, resolution: 300 dpi),
b) director’s photo (minimum size: 1500×1000 px, resolution: 300 dpi),
c) fragment of the film (approx. 30 seconds) or a trailer in the form of a ProRes file or H.264 file.
4. The Applicant agrees to the publication of the materials indicated in points 3a, 3b and 3c in the information materials about the Festival (eg the Festival catalog, the Festival website, promotional materials).
5. At the stage of selecting films for the Competition, no paper documents are required.


1. The link to the shared on-line film must be available up to announcement by the Organiser a list of films selected to participate in the Competition.
2. Technical quality of the film will be one of the criteria of admission to participate in the Competition.
3. In exceptional cases, the Applicant may deliver working copy of the film after the Festival organizational office approval.
4. Each film should have the opening and the ending (title, names of authors).
5. Films produced in language other than English should have English subtitles.


1. The Applicant take full responsibility for compliance with the truth of data included in the ENTRY FORM.
2. Copyrights of film submitted to participate in the Competition must not be limited, or infringe neither copyrights nor third-party personal rights.
3. The Organiser acts in good faith and do not take responsibility in case of the concealment of any information related to legal standing of the film submitted to the Competition. In this case all consequences and legal costs arising from the potential claims will be suffered by the Applicant.


1. Pre-selection of the films submitted to the Competition will be established by Qualifying Committee, appointed by the Organiser.
2. Information about the result of Committee work will be published on the Festival website (www.cinemaforum.pl) until 20th October 2020.
3. The Organiser reserves the right to invite selected films to the Competition. Films invited by the Organiser are not subject to the pre-selection procedure.

§ 17

1. If a film is qualified for the Competition, the Applicant must print and sign the ENTRY FORM and deliver it to the Organizer in paper form together with an RELEASE PRINT of a film qualified for the Competition.
2. The RELEASE PRINT and the ENTRY FORM should be delivered to the Organizer at the expense of the Applicant, no later than 28 October 2020 to the following address:
FILMFORUM Association
gen. Wladyslawa Andersa 35,
00-159 Warsaw, Poland
with the postscript: “CINEMAFORUM 2020”

3. During competition screenings releasing films from the following carriers is allowed: DCP, DVD, Blu-Ray or ProRes (MOV format, encoding ProRes 422 or HQ in resolution Full HD 1920×1080 or SD, stereo sound).


1. The Applicant consents to promoting the film and its authors by publishing the logo, portfolio, jingle or other audio-visual composition on TV, radio or the Internet.
2. The Organizer reserves the right to publish parts of the competition films (up to 50 sec.) on TV, radio and the Internet as a promotional campaign of the Festival.
3. The Applicant consents to personal data processing and presentation for the purposes of promoting
a film on TV, radio, the press, the Internet and other purposes during the Festival.
4. The administrator of personal data is the Organizer (FILMFORUM Association based ul. gen. Wladyslawa Andersa 35, 00-159 Warsaw, Poland, VAT ID / NIP: 778-141-37-39, Stat. No / REGON: 634536362).
5. Personal data processing will be conducted in accordance with Regulation (EU) 2016/679 Of The European Parliament And Of The Council of 27 April 2016 on the protection of natural persons with regard to the processing of personal data and on the free movement of such data, and repealing Directive 95/46/EC (General Data Protection Regulation).
6. The Administrator of personal data appointed the Data Protection Supervisor who inspect correctness of data processing and is available to contact via e-mail: rodo@filmforum.pl.
7. The Applicant’s personal data will be processing for the purposes of organisation of the Festival and for marketing purposes. The data will be processed until the obligation to store them expires resulting from the provisions of law, in particular the obligation to store formal documents related to the organization of the Festival and in connection with the implementation of activities related to the operation, promotion and dissemination of the film submitted for participation in the Festival.
8. In connection with personal data processing by the Organizer, natural persons have the following rights: access to data, correction of data, deletion of data, limitation of data processing, lodging
a complaint to the processing of personal data, transfer of personal data and lodging a complaint to the supervisory body.


1. By submitting a film to participate in the Competition, the Applicant consents to its three public presentations as the competition and special screenings.
2. The Organizer stresses that due to the epidemic status in Poland in 2020, the formula of the competition shows may be subject to organizational modifications related to the need to comply with the current sanitary restrictions and the guidelines of state and local administration regarding epidemiological safety. This applies both to the rules of audience participation in the competition screenings, as well as the form of presentation of the films participating in the Competition.
3. In case of introducing sanitary restrictions that prevent the presentation of competition films as part of cinema screenings, the Applicant, by submitting the film to participate in the Competition, agrees to make it available on the Internet:
a) only for the duration of the Festival (November 4-8, 2020);
b) on the basis of an advanced technological security system prepared by the Organizer, enabling access to the broadcast of the presented film only to the participants of the Festival.
4. The Organiser does not receive financial benefits from the competition screenings.


1. The Rules of the film print transport:
a) delivering of copies is at the expense of the Applicant,
b) films stored on hard disks will be returned to the address given in the ENTRY FORMS within 30 days from the end of the Festival, at the expense of the Festival,
c) films recorded on DVD or Blu-ray will not be returned and they will remain in the Festival archives.
2. The Applicant consents to storage DVD and Blu-ray copies by the Organiser for the archiving purposes.
3. In case of films recorded by a hard discs, the Organiser takes responsibility for the carriers only from time of receipt copy to time of send back. Responsibility applies exclusively to the data carrier, not its content.

VI. Awards:


1. Films qualified to the Competition will be assessed by Jury consisting of professional filmmakers, television makers and specialists in the field of dissemination of the culture and by the audience of the Festival. Decisions of the Qualifying Committee and the festival verdicts are final and indisputable.
2. As the regulation award is given: the GRAND PRIX for the best film in the Competition (financial award: 5.000 PLN).
3. Taking into account the categorical and thematic diversity of the films, Jury may establish the Special Awards and Prizes, agreeing its amount with the Festival Director.
4. The audience admits the Audience Award – by the plebiscite according to the rules established separately by the Organiser.
5. Other awards beyond the Regulations, funded by private persons, the institutions and organisations may be presented in consultation with the Festival Director.


1. The winners have no rights to change a material prizes into the benefit in cash, to make the division of awards, or to any other change of an award. The winners of the Competition must not give away rights to take the prize for any third persons.
2. In case of getting a cash prize, the condition of payment is to deliver Laureate’s personal data, account number and name of the bank to the Organiser by 30th November 2020.


1. Within the Festival the Jan Machulski Awards will be granted. These awards were established for short films and they are the most prestigious Polish film awards dedicated to the creators of this type of cinema.
2. The Jan Machulski Awards are awarded in the following categories:
a) Best Film (award for director and producer);
b) Best Director;
c) Best Screenplay;
d) Best Cinematography;
e) Best Editing;
f) Best Actress;
g) Best Actor;
h) Best Animation
i) Best Documentary.
3. The Jan Machulski Awards are awarded on a separate basis, regulated by regulations available on the website: www.janmachulski.pl.

VII. Participation in the Festival:


1. Admission to the screenings and events of the Festival is free, however, due to the epidemic status in Poland in 2020, the number of seats in the cinema halls will be adjusted to the epidemiological safety guidelines.
2. In order to provide the Festival audience with the possibility of safe participation in the competition screenings, the Organizer may decide to increase the number of competition screenings as part of the Festival.
3. The Organizer will provide free accommodation (overnight stay at a hotel) for one night for two persons of each film team qualified to participate in the Competition. The Applicant may appoint a person authorized to represent the film at the Festival until 27th October 2020.
4. The Organizer stresses that the provisions of sec. 1, 2 and 3 may be changed if it is necessary to comply with the sanitary regime and the guidelines of the state administration and local government regarding epidemiological safety.
5. In case of sanitary restrictions preventing the presentation of the competition films as part of the cinema screenings, the Organizer reserves the right to make the films available via the internet system, declaring that:
a) the films will be made available only for the duration of the Festival (November 4-8, 2020);
b) the films will be made available on the basis of an advanced system of technological security, allowing access to the broadcast of the presented repertoire only to the participants of the Festival, only for the duration of the Competition.

VIII. Other Festival sections and competitions:


Within the Festival film education programs are organized – workshops and film trainings. The rules of recruitment and participation in these points of the programme will be under separate procedures published on the website: www.cinemaforum.pl.

IX. Other information about the Festival:


Detailed information about the Festival is provided by the Organisation Office:

FILMFORUM Association
gen. Wladyslawa Andersa 35
00-159 Warsaw, Poland
tel.: +48 22 392 03 21
e-mail: office@filmforum.pl


These Rules and Regulations are available on the Festival website: www.cinemaforum.pl.

the Management Board of the FILMFORUM Association