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Konkurs główny 2016


First joys and first disappointments of an 11-year-old Mały who goes with his father to visit his grandpa in Ukraine in the summer. A film about exploring the relations between the world of adults and the world of children.

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One late afternoon, a mysterious guy tries to hitchhike in the middle of nowhere. But nobody seems to give him a ride.  It is getting quite dark, a small van driver suddenly stops his car because he saw a man standing in front of his vehicle and the strange guy gets in the car abruptly. Then he demands to the driver to have a drink with him at any bar near the city.
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The Wizard of U.S. is a funny, ironic, animated collage, that refers to popular American story and shows how American dream comes true. Main theme contains insights and doubts of those who want to be “the emigration voice of their generation” and try their luck in Hollywood.
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The protagonist of the film is a woman who trips and falls, while rushing around the house. When she gets up, discovers that her home has unusual features – it is built from paradoxes, filled with illusions and covered with patterns.  The film is a part of triptic „Impossible Figures And Other Stories” inspired by the impossible figure concept. Every part of this triptic tells about pursuing perfection and fullfilment in the reality full of traps.Dowiedz się więcej »IMPOSSIBLE FIGURES AND OTHER STORIES II